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Aren't ideas wonderful! My head floods with them everyday. Now to sort the worthwhile from the junk.
Seems like everything I read begins (or at least includes) a chapter on Passion. Sounds like a good basis for WRS.
Well I guess all these methods work fine. Just have to remember to update your view on the services you're watching.
Well lets' see if direct posting is faster.
Testing to see how email to Ping.FM works.

Good Luck,
Did you know that Ping.FM will now connect to ReJaw? Try it out.
I have spent the afternoon watching videos from Brett McFall (Warp Speed) and listening to Ron Capps on BlogTalkRadio (School of Social Networking). A very educational day.
Time to head out for the day. Meeting Jim for dinner and some discussion. Looking forward to it.
Today I attended the Speaker's Co-op for lunch. They meet monthly and this was my first visit.

Good group of people who use speaking to groups as a way to advertise their business. For example, speaking to PTO/PTA groups to advertise a newsletter/magazine targeted at moms with preschool and elementary age children.

I was able to make a 30-second advertisement speech about WRS and about "The Five Things Every Speaker Needs to Know about Social Networking Now".

next meeting is next month and I want to start making presentations to outside groups between now and then.
Interesting Post about Facebook and your Niche.

Make Your Facebook Profile Magnetic

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